A-1 Ron's Hardwood Flooring & Painting will spruce up your home or office with a brand new Coat of paint! All jobs will be completed in a timely manner and your property will be left Clean.
If we are working on a living space, we will clean the area after every day to avoid disrupting Your daily routines as much as possible.
All furniture is protected

​​Before painting begins in your home or Office, our team will move all furniture To the middle of the room. All furniture Pieces will be covered with drop clothes To protect them.
Interior painting services

• Wallpaper application
• Wallpaper removal
• Wall painting
• Woodwork painting and staining
Each project site is thoroughly prepped before we start

​​Every wall will be sanded, spackled, and primed before paint is applied. Any Open gaps and nail holes will be caulked for a uniform look. Once the walls Are cleaned up and all dust from the work is cleaned, we will begin painting The walls in the color of your choice.
Exterior painting

​​A-1 Ron's Hardwood Flooring & Painting provides quality exterior painting services for Both residential and commercial properties. We work to meet all deadlines that you Give us and won't complete a job until you are 100% satisfied.
Site preparation steps

​​• Scrape and sand loose paint
• Prime all wood surfaces
• Close any gaps and nail holes with ​caulk
• lace window glaze where needed
Exterior painting services

​​• Vinyl siding
• Stucco
• Staining of wood surfaces
• Custom tinting
Site cleanup and job completion process

​​Our team will not leave your property full of paint chips, dust, or nicks. When the project is completed, we will clean up all areas worked on and Make sure the painted areas are free from major flaws. If there is paint left over, we will leave the can with you in case touch-ups need to be Made in the future.
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Residential and Commercial interior painting and hardwood floor refinishing

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