Deck staining

If you’re considering having your deck stained, allow us to suggest the best solutions for you. Staining your deck is always a very good idea as it keeps your deck looking good for longer. Deck staining is extremely helpful as it helps restore your deck’s natural oils and be a safeguard against the harsh rays of the sun and ultraviolet rays, and damage from water that leads to fungus and mold, besides also cupping, curling and cracking the wood.
Deciding on deck staining,

Considering the deck is the first thing that your visitors will see about your house, it pays to keep it in the best condition possible. For proud homeowners, this must be done on a priority basis, and most often, they do it themselves, rather than call in experts.
While determining the need for deck staining, check its condition. Check to see if it looks worn out and withered, but in good shape and without any rot. Next, check for cracks, splinters, or if the deck has peeled off or warped. If you do find your deck in such a condition, homeowners like you should get in touch with us for a professional job.
How to choose your deck contractor

Before homeowners like you zero in on any one deck contractor, you should know a few things about them:

If he has a license to work and insurance, as this will help you immensely in case one of his workers injures himself in the process of working on your deck.
Find out if he will give you a quotation for deck staining or an estimate. The difference lies in an estimate being only an approximation of the total cost, so some charges may be added on later. Confirm this with the contractor before he begins work on your deck staining
Kinds of deck staining available

Perhaps you have a certain kind of look, color and style that you want to give your deck. Now, with the variety of stains available, you can choose the one you want and by following some easy steps, do it on your own, if you wish.
Before you apply the stain, you need to choose it. There are four kinds of deck stains Opaque stains, Clear deck stains, Semi-transparent deck stains and Clear wood stains.
Opaque stains are the choice of many people because they can absorb any ugliness in the wood and still look attractive, and it doesn’t need frequent reapplication, making it a cost-effective and low-maintenance option.
Clear deck stains last up to three times longer than others. Read the labels to know whether the one you’re choosing has UV resistant or waterproofing abilities. However, clear deck stains will need reapplication every year or two.
Semi transparent deck stains is the halfway step between a clear and an opaque stain. It gives a faint tint to the deck wood but you can still see the wood’s natural grain and texture. The greater the tint, the more UV protection your deck receives. These decks are low-maintenance and can be stained every couple of years to keep them looking their best.
Clear wood stains are what you can go with if you want the natural wood effect and are open to reapplying the stain every year.
There are some other types of deck stains too, such as urethane or varnish. The varnish deck stain types are absorbed by the wood to stain it and also generate a protective layer on the wood, as if covered in shiny, plastic wrap.
Prepare your deck for staining

To prepare your deck for staining, first clean it of any dirt, debris and mildew. Only then will the stain penetrate the wood and give you the finish you desire. If your deck is relatively old, choose to go with some brighteners too. These brighteners should be made especially for use on wood. This exercise of preparing for deck staining can take a few hours or even a whole day, depending on the size of your deck and its condition.
Once you remove all the dirt and debris, remove all plants off the deck and furniture too. If there are leaves or mud around, clean it out from between the footboards. If you find nails projecting from anywhere, hammer them down and if some parts of the deck are rough, smoothen them with sand. Lastly, if the boards of your deck seem damaged or warped, replace them.
Use the cleaner on the deck, using a broom. For a large deck, first try out the efficacy of the cleaner by testing a small part of the deck with the cleaner. The cleaner must be absorbed by the wood, which takes about 10 minutes. Once the wood has absorbed the cleaner, rinse the deck completely.
If there are still some stubborn areas to clean, use a hard toothed brush, but not a wire brush as it could damage the surface. Now, rinse all your equipment using soap and warm water. Next, give a gap of about two days before getting down some deck staining.
If you’re ready to apply the deck stain now, all you need to do is to apply the stain of your choice by using a brush, roller, or lambs’ wool pad. If you want a quick application, go with a sprayer.
Keeping up with your deck staining

To maintain your deck absolutely perfectly, you need to choose the right kind of stain that is both long-lasting and protects your wood for a long time, say a couple of years. If you have a deck made of mahogany or iron deck, you will need to stain your deck each year.

To check if the sealer continues to repel water, sprinkle a few water drops onto the deck once every few months. If the wood absorbs the water, apply sealer, but if it remains on the surface, then you don’t need any sealer.

We have years of experience in deck staining, and if you’ll choose us, we will take care of all the pointers mentioned above.
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