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NJ  Registered Home Improvement         Contractors License  Number 13vH07034500​
When looking for  a Painting & flooring Company

                                                                                     Shopping for hardwood and painting Companies when it comes time to paint Your home  or floor can be nerve Wracking And confusing. When you pick A company At random, can you be sure That they’re Accredited and won’t leave a Huge mess behind? Opt for a sure thing Instead: Our Interior Painting  and hardwood floor Refinishing Professionals who respect your needs and The cleanliness of your home. Our Flooring and painting pros want you to Be Happy with your freshly painted walls Or Wood floor, and understand that leaving Behind tarps, dirt and debris  or dust After the job is not the route to a happy Customer. 

     201 282-9042

Interior painting and hardwood flooring
Refinishing contractors in englewood and Edgewater ,NJ​.

Interior House painting painter Contractors. Professional hardwood floor refinishing contractor

Interior painting||Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We have the best interior exterior house painters and hardwood Floor refinishing technicians in englewood and edgewater.nj                        
 A-1 Ron's Hardwood Flooring & Painting

(201) 282-9042

              Business hours​  
            ​Monday​​                    7 am-3pm

            Tuesday                   7am-3pm

            ​​​​Wednesday              7am-3pm

            ​​Thursday                  7am-3pm
            Friday                       7am-3pm

            ​​​Saturday                   9am-12pm

            ​​Sunday                     Close

                           201 282-9042
Ex-Interior Painting and Hardwood Floor Refinishing 

      ​​A-1 Ron's Hardwood Flooring & Painting is dedicated to providing you the best possible services. We always have expert painters and floor finishers ready to provide you with the services you need, completed at the level of excellence you expect.

      Our team specializes in commercial        Residential multiple home
​       Improvement products and services        including: Exterior painting  
      • Interior painting  . Drywall
      • Hardwood installation and refinish


​​As a trusted flooring and painting company,
we will always provide you and your property with the respect you deserve. All work sites are kept clean throughout the process and all materials and tools will be removed from your home at the time of completion.
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For business​
A-1 Ron's hardwood flooring & painting A-1 Ron's hardwood flooring & painting
Residential and Commercial interior painting and hardwood floor refinishing

                                               201 282-9042



Commercial Painting

We ​Specialize In Difficult Projects That all Contractors Won’t Do.We have the state-of the Art-equipment and the qualified technicians to Do the job

When you are dealing with commercial painting You need an expert contractor and one that you Can trust to cater to all your needs

Residential Painting

We specialize in both interior and Exterior residential painting.Picking the Right contractor is crucial when it come To your home a contractor that is going To sit you down and walk you through Every thing all the way step by step.

Residential is a careful process you have To take your time and go through Everything with the customer make sure Everything is satisfactory​​

Services provided

Interior painting
​Exterior painting
Sheetrock repair​
Wallpaper removal​
Power washing​​
Deck staining​​
Cleaning services​
​Hardwood flooring Installing
Hardwood flooring refinishing​
Commercial painting​
Residential painting​


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